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Dr. Carl Toborowsky with a staff dog.

Congenital Heart Disease in Pets

Join us on March 15th at 6pm ET as Dr. Carl Toborowsky discusses congenital heart disease in dogs and cats.

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Puppy with baby teeth
Pet Health Library

When Do Pets Lose Their Baby Teeth?

Like humans, dogs and cats have baby teeth that are replaced by adult teeth as they develop.
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Veterinarian listens to a puppy's heartbeat
Pet Health Library

Heart Disease in Dogs and Cats

What are the signs of heart disease and how can it be treated?
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Dog sneezing
Pet Health Library

Does Your Dog Need a Flu Shot?

How to protect your dog against canine influenza.
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Bill Schutt with Whale Heart and cover of Pump
Past Event

Schwarzman AMC’s Book Club — Pump: A Natural History of the Heart by Bill Schutt

In this lively look at the hearts of animals, Pump tells an incredible story of evolution and...
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Dr. Carmichael brushing dog's teeth
How-To Videos

How to Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

Learn how to brush your pet’s teeth with Dr. Dan Carmichael.
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Three veterinary professionals treat a cat
Pet Health Library

Spaying & Neutering in Cats

Why should you spay or neuter your cat?
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Dog receiving a dental exam
Children's Resources

What is Veterinary Dentistry?

Explore the field of veterinary dentistry and try our at-home dental cleaning activity!
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A dog coughing
Pet Health Library

Why is My Pet Coughing?

Common causes and when to see your veterinarian.
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If you have a question about pet health, we have the answer.

The Usdan Institute for Animal Health Education at the Schwarzman Animal Medical Center (AMC) is the leading provider of pet health information. Our mission is to educate and empower pet owners and to promote the human-animal bond.

With AMC’s staff of over 130 doctors and the knowledge gained from more than a century of experience, we are uniquely positioned to deliver the most reliable and up-to-date information for all your pet health needs.

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