Imaging excellence. For every pet. 

An industry-leading MRI has arrived at the Schwarzman Animal Medical Center.

MAGNETOM Sola 1.5T MRI is uniquely designed to deliver exceptional image quality and speed to reduce patient time under anesthesia


At the Schwarzman Animal Medical Center, we’re always looking for ways to deliver more for our patients. When it comes to MRI, we chose a highly advanced system that offers top quality images, and more.   


Expect consistent results and high-resolution 1.5T images regardless of animal size. 


The accelerated workflow means less time under anesthesia for patients.


Reduce variations in exams and adjust to patient differences with BioMatrix AI Technology. 


AMC’s renowned Diagnostic Imaging and Neurology teams include three distinguished board-certified neurologists and three accomplished board-certified radiologists. Together, they provide world-class expertise in image analysis, neurological diagnosis, and neurosurgical care. AMC has been at the forefront of veterinary diagnostic imaging with an MRI on-site for 20+ years, establishing itself as a pioneer in utilizing advanced imaging for treatment planning.

Experience MAGNETOM Sola – our new MRI system that’s trusted by physicians and veterinarians alike.

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