The Emma and Georgina Bloomberg AMC to the Rescue Fund Application

About the Emma and Georgina Bloomberg AMC to the Rescue Fund

In 1910, the Schwarzman Animal Medical Center was founded as a small dispensary and outpatient clinic on New York City’s Lower East Side to provide care for animals in need. More than 100 years later, we’ve grown into a world leader in veterinary medicine, providing cutting-edge specialty care, conducting groundbreaking research, and training the next generation of veterinary leaders – while continuing our founding legacy of charitable care through our Community Funds.

The Emma and Georgina Bloomberg AMC to the Rescue Fund helps rescue animals by subsidizing advanced specialty care for animals whose health is an obstacle to their adoption.

We recognize the emotional and financial challenges rescue groups face when caring for a sick or injured animal, and our goal is to offer a means for these animals to get the care they need to find their forever homes.

How to Apply

Please complete our application form below. You will need to submit the following documentation, so please prepare these before you begin:

  • An IRS letter of intent stating that your organization is a registered 501(c)(3) rescue group (shelters cannot qualify)
  • A completed referral letter from the veterinarian who examined the pet
  • The pet’s full medical records, including:
    • Digital files of x-ray images
    • Ultrasound reports
    • Baseline laboratory tests appropriate to the medical condition
    • FeLV/FIV tests for cats
    • Heartworm test for dogs
  • The signed AMC to the Rescue Policies and Procedures form

Applications will not be reviewed until ALL required documentation has been submitted to AMC. If you wish to complete a hard copy of this application, you may download the application form and submit to If an application has been approved, a representative of AMC to the Rescue will contact the rescue group to schedule an appointment. If you schedule an appointment prior to being contacted by an AMC representative, your organization will be responsible for all charges associated with the visit, and this will not fast-track review of your application.

The Fine Print

  • This program is currently only available to rescue groups (not shelters) in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.
  • All AMC balances must be paid in full to be considered for AMC to the Rescue funding.
  • If approved for funding, the rescue group will be responsible for the $200 flat fee and any charges incurred beyond the grant for care.
  • AMC to the Rescue will cover the fees for one recheck (including all associated costs, such as x-rays or other diagnostic procedures) as recommended by the attending DVM after the approved procedure has been completed and the pet has been released to the rescue organization. All subsequent rechecks are the responsibility of the rescue organization.
    • A recheck is defined as a follow-up appointment for the same patient with the same service to evaluate the progress of the original procedure. Unfortunately, this recheck cannot be used for another patient, with another service, or to evaluate a new issue with the same patient.
  • All of us at AMC wish long, healthy lives for every rescue animal and that they each find a forever home. Once a pet has received treatment through AMC to the Rescue and is adopted, please let us know by completing our Transfer of Ownership form. Not only do we like to hear about a happy outcome, but we also want to pass along a 20% lifetime discount for specialty care for AMCTTR alumni at the Schwarzman Animal Medical Center.
  • Due to the high volume of applications, please allow 1-2 weeks for a response. We appreciate your patience!
  • Due to high volume of applications, we ask that you prioritize your needs. We will not accept more than two applications at this time from a rescue group.
  • Please note that funds for this program are limited, therefore we can only accept a finite number of cases per year, and we may not be able to approve treatment for every applicant.
  • Even if we cannot approve your application, keep in mind that all 501(c)(3) rescue groups are eligible to receive a 20% discount for treatment of any of their animals at AMC.

The Emma and Georgina Bloomberg
AMC to the Rescue Fund Application