2022 Pet Holidays and Veterinary Awareness Days

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

January 14, 2022

National Dress Up Your Pet Day is a fun celebration of your fur baby’s fashionable side. Style your pet in a fun costume or a festive sweater, booties, or other accessories.

While this is meant to be a silly, joyous holiday, there are safety precautions you should take any time you’re dressing up your pet. Share these tips with the hashtag #UsdanPetTips with friends, family, and colleagues as you celebrate:

  • Make sure the clothing fits properly and doesn’t interfere with your pet’s sight, hearing, breathing, or movement.
  • Avoid clothing with pieces that can be tripped over or chewed off.
  • Never leave your pet unsupervised while dressed up.
  • If your pet rejects the clothing, don’t force it.
  • If your dog has thick coat, choose a lightweight costume to prevent overheating.

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