Schwarzman Animal Medical Center Expands Neurology Service

Daniel Cimino DVM, DACVIM, Appointed Senior Veterinarian

Press Release

(New York, N.Y – January 17, 2023) The Stephen & Christine Schwarzman Animal Medical Center (AMC), the largest non-profit animal hospital in the world, today announced the expansion of its Neurology Service with the appointment of Daniel Cimino, DVM, DACVIM as Senior Veterinarian.

Dr. Cimino is an AMC-trained, board-certified neurologist. He obtained his degree in veterinary medicine from Cornell University and went on to complete both a one-year general internship and a three-year neurology and neurosurgery residency at the Schwarzman Animal Medical Center. Dr. Cimino enjoys all aspects of veterinary neurology and is especially interested in neurosurgery and minimally invasive techniques to treat neurosurgical diseases in companion animals.

The Neurology Service at the Schwarzman Animal Medical Center employs the most state-of-the-art medical equipment to make a definitive diagnosis of neurological problems, including: Advanced neuroendoscopic equipment for surgical visualization via minimally invasive approaches; neuronavigation technology for surgical guidance in cranial and spinal surgery, as well as minimally invasive brain biopsy; cutting-edge neurosurgical equipment for safe and effective ablation of tumors; MRI (the exclusive high field MRI for small animals in NYC); electroencephalography (EEG); in-house laboratory for cerebrospinal fluid analysis; and muscle and nerve biopsy.

“Dr. Daniel Cimino was recognized as an outstanding veterinarian since joining the Schwarzman Animal Medical Center as an Intern in 2018,” said Chad West, Chief Clinical Officer and Service Head of Neurology and Neurosurgery at Schwarzman AMC. “Throughout his internship and neurology residency training at AMC, Dr. Cimino fine-tuned his clinical skills to become an outstanding specialist in veterinary neurology. We are thrilled to keep Daniel in the AMC family, and I am confident that he will make significant contributions in the coming years.”

“It is truly an honor to be appointed Senior Veterinarian at this esteemed institution where I was fortunate to train for the last four years,” said Dr. Cimino. “To work at this world-renowned non-profit animal hospital with the largest and most diverse pet population alongside the most highly-skilled veterinarians, is a dream come true.”

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