Postgraduate Education

Residency in Oncology

The Oncology Residency program at The Animal Medical Center is designed for candidates wishing to become board certified in oncology by the ACVIM. The residency is a 36-month clinical training program.

The Oncology Service has a three-part mission of teaching, clinical service and oncology research and it serves as a referral center for cancer patients. The Animal Medical Center is a full service hospital with nearly 100 veterinarians. It is staffed by more than 30 board certified specialists holding board certifications in the areas of Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Neurology, Oncology, Surgery, Ophthalmology, Emergency Medicine/Critical Care, Pathology, Avian and Exotic Pet Medicine, Dentistry, Anesthesiology, Radiation Oncology and Radiology. The group consists of a rotating intern, an oncology intern, 3 board certified oncologists, 2 of whom are also certified in Internal Medicine. The oncology resident is also well supported by the departments of Medicine, Surgery and Pathology.


An active oncology caseload provides the residents with exposure to a wide variety of neoplastic and paraneoplastic conditions. The Animal Medical Center is located within three blocks of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and New York Hospital/Cornell Medical School. The oncology unit has several collaborative projects with these and other hospitals in the New York area. This cooperation between the oncology unit and the surrounding medical community makes the Oncology Residency an exciting experience in comparative medicine. The center has a fourth-generation CT scanner and a Linear Accelerator on the premises.

Other features of the residency program are the numerous lectures, conferences, seminars and rounds with speakers from the staff of The Animal Medical Center as well as from the surrounding medical community. The oncology resident also has access to the neighboring human medical centers for conferences and rounds with physicians. Over the past several years, the majority of individuals who have completed AMC residency training have gone on to Diplomate status in the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine.


The Oncology Residency is demanding and residents are expected to work long hours. It is expected that oncology residents will execute a research project and publish at least one article for submission to a professional journal. Appointment to the 2nd and 3rd years of the residency is dependent upon successful completion of the 1st year and approval of the staff.

Other details can be obtained by referring to the description of The Animal Medical Center’s internship program.


The Animal Medical Center owns an apartment building 10 blocks from the Center to serve the housing needs of the house officers. Apartments are available to house officers at rental rates below market value.


The Animal Medical Center provides health and professional liability insurance, sick time, annual vacation, and board certification study time.


All applicants must have completed a rotating internship program and obtain a New York State license to practice veterinary medicine.

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