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Wednesday, March 15th, 6:00—7:00pm

Congenital Heart Disease in Pets

Dr. Carl Toborowsky with a staff dog.

Congenital Heart Disease in Pets

In some pets, heart conditions may be present at birth. We call these congenital heart diseases, and some may lead to complications over time if left untreated. Join us on Wednesday, March 15th at 6pm ET as Dr. Carl Toborowsky, Senior Veterinarian, Specialist in Cardiology at Schwarzman AMC, discusses some of the common congenital heart diseases in cats and dogs, how they can be diagnosed and treated, and the long-term prognosis of these conditions.

This is a free, online-only event hosted via Zoom (https://zoom.us/​​​). The Zoom link will be emailed to all registered participants the day of the event. Please email UsdanInstitute@amcny.org with any questions.

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Dr. Carl Toborowsky

Carl Toborowsky, VMD, MA, MS, DACVIM (Cardiology)
Senior Veterinarian in Cardiology at the Schwarzman Animal Medical Center

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