2022 Pet Holidays and Veterinary Awareness Days

Pet Dental Health Month

February 2022

Our pet’s dental health is vital for their overall health and quality of life. A diseased or painful mouth can prevent your pet from enjoying daily activities, reduce their appetite, and even lead to more serious health conditions. But most dental disease is preventable with regular, at-home maintenance and professional dental cleanings.

AMC’s board certified dental specialist, Dr. Dan Carmichael, discusses the importance of dental health and how to brush your pet’s teeth below.

About Pet Dental Health

How to Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

Pet Dental Home Care & DOs and DON’Ts

AMC’s Usdan Institute for Animal Health Education has prepared the following guide for at-home pet dental care. Download this guide as a PDF, and watch our 2020 lecture — Pet Dental Health: What You Need to Know — for more on your pet’s dental health.

More Pet Dental Month Resources

For more information on your pet’s dental health, visit AMC’s Dentistry Service page for guides and resources and browse our blog’s archives for dentistry-related posts.

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