2021 Incoming Intern Match Stories

The Animal Medical Center is proud to welcome its 58th intern class! These fully-licensed veterinarians will spend the next year advancing their training as they rotate through AMC’s 20+ specialties and services. Read about some of their stories, passions, and goals below!

An incoming intern at the Animal Medical Center

Vishal Bhaya, DVM

“My professional goal in veterinary medicine is to become a board-certified veterinary surgeon performing both orthopedic and soft tissue surgical procedures. Animals can develop a variety of diseases throughout their lives, and I find it fascinating that many of these can be surgically addressed in order to improve their quality of life. The next step on my journey is a rotating internship, and I am beyond excited to spend this next year at AMC, where I will learn from some of the best individuals in the entire country. During my intern year, I hope to gain confidence and competency in my skills as a doctor, and develop relationships that will last a lifetime. This year is going to be challenging, but I know that joining the AMC team will make this experience one that is rewarding and unforgettable!”

Zoe Daniels, DVM

“My interest in veterinary medicine began at eight years old, when my two-year-old dachshund, Trixie, had life-saving surgery at AMC. I knew at that point that I wanted to learn from the staff that saved my dog’s life, so I started volunteering at AMC after graduating from high school. I eventually became a veterinary assistant at AMC, a role I’ve continued to serve in throughout college and veterinary school. As part of next year’s intern class, I hope to make a positive impact on my patients’ and their owners’ lives, and potentially inspire a new generation of veterinarians in the process. I’m currently interested in pursuing a residency after my internship, and I’m excited to explore my opportunities and grow my passion for veterinary medicine in this new role!”

Helena Tran, DVM

“What I love most about being a veterinarian is the ability to effect real change in the lives of animals. I am hoping the rotating internship at AMC will enable me to build a strong foundation in specialty referral medicine and make a positive impact on animal welfare. My special interests include emergency, surgery, and exotic animal medicine.”

Shana Coffey, DVM

“The aspect of veterinary medicine I love the most is collaborating and problem solving with colleagues to design the best treatment plan to achieve the goals of the patients and clients. My hope for my intern year is to solidify my base of knowledge across all specialties in order to become a well rounded clinician, with the hopes of using that foundation to become a specialist in the future. I look forward to getting to know my new colleagues at AMC and learning as much as I can from the incredible staff doctors, residents, staff, and my fellow interns, throughout this year.”

Robert Ciardullo, DVM

“Cardiology piqued my interest during my second year of veterinary school, even with so many avenues to explore in veterinary medicine. The ability to approach cases medically, surgically, or a combination of the two, while developing lasting veterinarian-patient-client relationships encompassed much of what I love about this profession. My ultimate goal is to become a board-certified cardiologist, expanding patient management plans, developing new and innovative treatment options for cardiac diseases, and improving the quality of patient care.

“I humbly recognize that I’m a new veterinarian who can benefit and learn from the experience and expertise of the incredible doctors and staff at the Animal Medical Center. I’m both excited and prepared for the challenges and opportunities that await at the AMC during my internship year, allowing me to sharpen my skills, learn new information and techniques, and grow. The internship at AMC, with a high caseload, will challenge me to perform to the best of my ability, while providing opportunities outside of the clinic, such as journal club and research. I can’t wait to continue this incredible journey at the AMC this summer!”

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